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Integrating the art and science of coaching in a person-centred environment ensuring coaching effectiveness and healthy, injury-free athletes.


Dr Mary Ann Dove, Dr Janine Gray and Andrew Gray have launched their new company ‘The Locker Room’ with the aim to expose coaches to some of the latest thinking in coaching best practice and translating scientific research into practical solutions.

The team of experts will provide coaches with tools to develop players as both people and athletes while encouraging participation, performance and personal development.

They will enhance the coaches’ professional and interpersonal knowledge to achieve athlete outcomes in different coaching contexts.

Their aim is to inform the coaches’ responsibility and understanding of injury prevention and management to reduce the attrition rate, improve performance, and contribute to the long-term physical and mental well-being of the athlete.

They will introduce the science of coaching, and identify practices that have been shown to improve performance and a players’ technical ability.


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