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getting your brand message across

This marketing strategy is the most powerful way in getting your brand message across to your identified target market and is now the winning formula.  It is a skill which Intune has perfected.

Let us put your story together – whether for the boardroom, your brand or your campaign, we have the techniques to make you top of mind and stand out and heard above the clutter.

Even crisis and reputation management are now told in a story.

Clear, concise, compassionate, authentic and honest wins in today’s market.  Whether a Gen Z, Millenial, Gen X, they all want to hear the true story.

We make your story personal and easy to relate to.

And More …

  • We are Intune with journalists from traditional media, bloggers, influencers, online publications and we have a tried and tested formula that gets messages heard!
  • The power of relationships in today’s world cannot be underestimated and we have those critical relationships.

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  • Write your press releases
  • Editorials
  • Advertorials
  • Newsletters (internal and external)
  • emailers
  • Social Media posts

“It used to be about Press Release writing, now it is about Storytelling. ”

Kassey Beluigi

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