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We are in the middle of the fourth revolution where brands are consumed online!

Whatever the platform, be it updating your website, managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Google and many more, leave it to the Intune Communications team to create interesting and unique campaigns and then write inspiring and innovative copy to upload onto the chosen platforms to drive traction and engagement.

Our work spans all generations; Millenials, GenZ, the up and coming Gen Alpha and the older Baby Boomers we devise copy and concepts to get them all interested.  Further, our client base is varied and allows us to get to know how best to market to all LSM groups.

We do them all!

From email to Social Media campaigns

Email Marketing

Reach your goals through customised, targeted emailing and then tracking success is a key marketing strategy.

Research coming out of Covid points to emailing as a popular tool used to promote messaging and create sales.  Often Businesses have multiple email initiatives happening at once.  But the secret is to get that email opened! With people more amenable and open to change and keen to experiment, brands can capitalise on this ‘new norm’ and  drive propensity to, not only open emails but to purchase as well.

Intune Communications uses an excellent platform which designs, sends and tracks campaigns as well as eliminate recipients accidentally receiving the same message over and over again.  And this can all be done at minimal cost to the brand and also cut out many of the middle men that are normally needed to put campaigns together.  Ask our team to fill you in and get us to put your next campaign together.

Celebrities and Influencers

Through our decades of working in sports, arts and culture field, we have worked with many celebrities or, what we refer to now, influencers.

Years of ‘tried and tested’ has helped us understand the celebrity world and how to utilise these valuable assets effectively and efficiently.

Our Intune team will find the best fit for your brand, devise the best strategy to suite the personality of the influencer, drive engagement with your tribe and help the celebrity tribe engage with your brand thereby creating brand love, engagement and ultimately drive sales.

Whether sports personalities, musicians, artists, actors and actresses we are able to assist.

For the nano-influencers we can source the best fit and drive successful messaging through the different influencer platforms.

To be digitally savvy is important

But where does one start?  You may ask. The challenge is to decide.

The good news is that a successful digital plan does not need a huge report, with reams of ‘jargon’ – be smart, focused and remember, we are all learning so keep it simple and don’t be afraid to pivot and change. 

Intune has a team of tech savvy, creative heads with vast experience that are highly qualified to do all the work for you. We will:

  • Strategise
  • Conceptualise
  • Initiate
  • Find opportunities
  • We are driving by ‘making the plan work’
  • Including monitor your competition

Whether a video, pictures, carousel, posts and so forth we are here for you.  To be effective needs more than a digital expert – it needs a PR expert to take it to the next level!

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