About Us

Intune Communications and Entertainment


  • Intune with cutting edge, innovative and integrated Communications strategies that combine traditional, onlineInnovative and Integrated Communications Strategies and social media.
  • Intune with finding the best event that will give the best ROI in terms of media traction
  • Intune with achieving measurable results and ensuring an excellent ROI
  • Intune with creativity and innovation
  • Intune with media trends and what drives news
  • Intune with strategic media partnerships which maximise key message delivery
  • Intune with imaginative yet practical and inspirational tools to drive Communications



  • Passionate about Communications and eventing, and motivated by opportunities in the sports marketing world, a group of PR guru’s took the entrepreneurial leap in 2006 and founded Intune Communications and Entertainment with a single-minded approach to business – optimising return on investment combining eventing and communications.
  • As the business of creating value for our clients grew, we came to understand that the key ingredient to achieving our goal was to align our passion for Eventing and Communications with the investment requirements of clients. We decided on the name INTUNE because that is exactly what we are – in tune.
  • Although the company has been operating since 2006, our team combined have over 30 years of experience.
  • The benefit? No wheel needs to be invented! We have tried and tested and can advise on the best way forward.
  • The result? Cost effective innovative and integrated Communications strategies!