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Our team can put together brand, sport, CSI, Corporate, reputation PR strategies that will work across the entire PR spectrum stretching from the traditional media space to digital marketing. Our staff have between 10 and 30 years-experience in PR. No need to re-invent that wheel, but rather draw on our expertise to put a world class strategy together that will bring your brand music to life.

We are Intune with what drives brand music!

Public Relations drives sales

What is the difference between PR and communications?

Answer:  there is no real difference.

They both entail writing skills, media relations, stakeholder relationships, reputation management, crisis management, online communications, internal staff communications as well as new media, which is social media.

Effective PR has never been as important as it is now!

PR drives sales through effective and emotional story telling. 

Once we have the strategy in place, let Intune drive the plan and make it happen.  We will turn your audience into brand advocates who in turn will influence their peers to change their buying habits as well.

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