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No matter what the platform – Facebook, website, twitter, Instagram, TicToc, Google ….. we are Intune with cutting edgHome Pagee, innovative, creative digital and social media strategies. As a result our dynamic experienced team can go into action to make your strategy work.  We then track what is happening and can give valuable research results for your social media strategy.



From email campaigns to Social Media campaigns.  We do them all!DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA 

The world of digital marketing is evolving every nanosecond.  Trends today are gone tomorrow!

Many companies have a social media presence but do not have a social media strategy to leverage that presence.

We are Intune with what is happening in this world of the  4th Revolution This is the new evolving media platform where every brand wants to have a presence.

Intune studies how the different platforms are evolving and what the new trends are.  Our research department that is up to date and is constantly finding new platforms where our clients can get the best value.

Our experts will advise you on the correct platform for your brand and assist you in driving awareness through the chosen platforms.

We will also advise on the use of content that will increase sales or awareness through the chosen platform.



Social Media InfluencersWe are Intune with celebs and social media influencers. Through our experience in most sports and art and culture we have worked extensively with celebrities and influencers.

These treasures can be used to either drive brand awareness, and in the case of many industries are used to drive sales.

We will incorporate all of this into a larger social media strategy